Application for admission should be made on the appropriate forms supplied by the University. The application should be accompanied by an official study record (required by the Administration Department) and preferably a curriculum vitae, as it is expected that there will be a competitive selection for a limited number of available positions. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and in any event not later than the end of September (in respect of Honours applications). Late applications will be accepted only if there are vacancies on the courses. Prospective students for the Masters degree may apply for admission to either the first or second semester intake.

Application forms are obtainable from:

Admissions Department
Summerstrand Campus [South]
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
P.O. Box 77000
Port Elizabeth

Telephone number :+27-41-504 2587 / 92.

Application forms could also be downloaded via internet from website


The International Office facilitates applications by international students for admission to the University. The office's specialist support and information services include:

  • Admission and registration of international students
  • Accommodation of students in the International and Postgraduate Student Village
  • Transport for students on arrival from the airport and bus station
  • Assistance with renewal of temporary residence and study permits
  • Assistance with opening bank accounts
  • Assistance with applications for medical aid (health insurance) cover

Applicants must submit the following to the International Office upon application:

  1. Completed "Application for Admission, First Time International Student" form and a "Post graduate Application International Student" form
  2. International application fee for the year
  3. Original transcripts of academic records
  4. Proof of having passed a course in Research Methodology (for Masters and Doctoral applicants)
  5. Proof of South African Qualifications Authority evaluation
  6. Proof of English proficiency, for applicants from non-English speaking countries
  7. Students are required to sit for APAP tests before registration and the results will be used to place students accordingly during registration

Applications for admission should be addressed to:

The International Office
Summerstrand Campus [South]
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
PO Box 77000
Port Elizabeth

Tel. +27 41 504 2767 or +27 41 504 2707
Fax. +27 41 504 2771